Shared Decision Making


Patients with chronic illnesses often experience inadequate communication regarding their diagnosis and therapy.

Doctors, on the other hand, struggle to explain complex medical information in a way that’s easy to understand. The differing priorities of doctors and patients can cause further misunderstandings. The result: unsuitable treatment approaches, a lack of adherence and unnecessary healthcare costs.

Our Shared-Decision-Making Programme

The solution is obvious: when doctors and patients make treatment decisions together, patients’ fears and concerns are better taken into account and individual needs and wishes are addressed.

Shared Decision Making changes the dynamic – patients are transformed from passive participants to active co-decision-makers. Nevertheless, doctors retain the leadership of the therapeutic process.
Shared Decision Making Process

We make the difference – With real InsightS

The value of our Shared Decision Making (SDM) programme for the HCP team is explained by its insight-based nature.

For each stage of the patient journey, specific communication tools and support measures are developed by us, optimizing support for the “Doctor-Patient” team. This occurs in iterative co-creation processes. In this way, we generate insights on which we base the development of perfectly fitting materials that are gladly used and appreciated by both patients and doctors. Our project team, with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals and design thinking, is highly specialized in dealing with patients and doctors.

Milestones in our process

We bring patients and doctors “into one room”
Analysing the information needs and goals of patients and HCPs (incl. MFAs, nurses)
Generation of real insights
Improving clarity on the roles of doctors and patients.
Special focus on the therapy dialogue

The services of our Shared decision Making (SDM) Programme – everything from a single source

Development of the PROTOTYPE


  • Development of the specific SDM flow
  • Derivation of the specific SDM components
  • Development of prototypes

Optimisation through to practical use


  • Testing the prototypes with the doctor-patient team
  • Improving the prototypes in iterative steps
  • Finalising the prototypes in the first practical use with selected doctors

Go-To-Market Strategy


  • Development of the go-to-market strategy along the patient journey
  • Naming and design Planning
  • Communication and implementation activities
  • Development of KPIs and metrics to measure success

Life Cycle Management


  • Continuous improvement of the toolbox through iterative processes with stakeholders
  • Ongoing application observation and evaluation
  • Refinements to the SDM tools
  • Maintenance of technical processes

At the end of the development process, perfectly fitting SDM components and the corresponding SDM flow are created.

Once we have completed our SDM programme together with patients and doctors, you will receive the necessary support materials and services tailored to the needs of patients and doctors.

SDM Components*

SDM Components

SDM Flow*

SDM Flow

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Steffani Wilde
Healthcare Transformation Specialist

For us, patient empowerment means: emotions, commitment, motivation. The quality of design is reflected in these dimensions, is meaningful and is the prerequisite for a high utility value.

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