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Studies show that radiology reports are demonstrably faulty in language or even very frequently contain serious errors in content.

Although radiology with its scanners and high-resolution MRI, CT and X-ray images is actually a high-tech discipline, the radiology report is still created using dictation machines and voice recognition software, just as it was 30 years ago. Findings generated in this way have to be checked once again before the finished report is handed over to the attending physician. The result is individually formulated, mostly unstructured text files.

By the way: Worldwide, about 600 million findings are made every year. That’s about 1.6 million per day.

The innovative reporting software RadioReport® addresses these issues and transforms analog reporting into 100% digital reporting. RadioReport® works like a virtual interviewer who guides the radiologist through an optimized decision path to the goal. Along the process, they are assisted by precise information, graphical selection tools and mandatory fields. The result is a complete, structured and standardized report in short and clear words – created and generated with a mouse click.

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