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Doctors often find communication content from healthcare companies lacking relevance. Further, these offline and online communications are rarely aligned. Moreover, tailored measures must be developed with increasingly smaller budgets.
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Omnichannel marketing provides the formula to efficiently optimize customer engagement.

It’s about aligning initiatives with the customers’ preferred channels, and prioritizing the specific needs of the HCP groups. To achieve optimized customer engagement, structured evaluation and analysis of customer needs and an intelligently derived action plan are necessary.

Omnichannel Workshop

We’ve developed an effective one-day co-creation workshop format to deep-dive into your current customer journey.

We analyze the current drivers and barriers of your brand and develop highly effective communication opportunities at every stage of your customer relationship together with you.

We define quick wins and pragmatic next steps that can be easily integrated into your brand plan.

The interdisciplinary and interactive format ensures that all participants have the opportunity to contribute their expertise. Our agile methodology leads to cross-functional insights.

This is what our workshop program looks like

Stakeholder Mapping

  • Who are your customers in the indication area (medical professionals, patients, payors)?
  • What are their relevant needs, pain points and interests?

Customer Journey

  • How should the customer experience be changed to foster the relationship with you?
  • What are the current obstacles and success factors?



  • How can critical moments in the customer journey be used to increase engagement (digital and analog)?


Gain insights into the truly relevant needs and interests of customers in order to better meet them.
Discuss the current omnichannel engagement situation and potential for improvement from various cross-functional perspectives.
Generate ideas for effective communication measures and quick wins with convincing return opportunities.
Experience the benefits of a co-creative, user-centered approach.
Receive a practical report with all results and recommendations for follow-up activities.

Omnichannel Co-creation Workshop

DURATION: Ideally 6 – 8 hours
PARTICIPANT: All specialist functions with direct customer contact should be included
LANGUAGE: German, English or Spanish
LOCATION: Berlin, Friedrichstraße 133
ALTERNATIVE: Contact us for an in-house workshop and we will work directly on your challenge!
Shared DecisionMaking Workshop 2
Shared DecisionMaking Workshop 4

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