BRIDION® – The switch for relaxation management



During anaesthesia, depending on the operation, it may be necessary to reversibly inhibit the function of the skeletal muscles by applying muscle relaxants over a longer period of time (neuromuscular blockade).

Bridion® (sugammadex) is used to reverse muscle-relaxed patients in emergency situations during and after surgery. After all, the organic breakdown of a muscle relaxant in the recovery room can take up to 2 hours. As long as the muscle relaxant is still active, independent breathing is prevented. During this time, the patient must continue to be ventilated and monitored. This involves risks and ties up personnel and capacity in the recovery room.

Bridion® shortens the time to complete muscle relaxant breakdown to just a few minutes—like no other drug in this field.

Bridion is like a switch for relaxation management. Switch the patient “off” (relax)—with Sugammadex simply “switch on” again: Bridi … on!

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