IGI – Living With Primary Immuno­deficiencies (PID)

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The symptoms of PID are often non-specific and varied. Early diagnosis is important in order to be able to quickly initiate appropriate treatment and improve the condition and prognosis of the affected patient.

For patients and family members, a diagnosis of PID can be daunting and overwhelming. For children, it can feel even more frightening and isolating. They don’t understand what it means and may be limited in their ability to experience typical childhood activities and experiences due to the disease.

That’s why has IGI. IGI is a friend for life whose job is to enlighten, connect and “be there” when needed.

In an area specifically designed for kids, children can experience IGI’s adventures with Jamie, a boy with PID, as a comic strip or video.

In addition, there are 4 games in which the protagonists of the IGI adventures play a role:

Have a look, IGI is looking forward to your visit!

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